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The Alumni FM Mission & Team

Our mission is to connect people through stories.
The two of us started out with a student-run podcast at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and a radio show at the University of Michigan. We have since grown our passion for audio storytelling into an alumni podcast network. We are committed to helping your institution leverage podcasting to share meaningful stories that inspire and strengthen your alumni communities.

Co-founders Sean & Robert Li

Alumni of UC Berkeley and University of Michigan

Improve alumni engagement

For Institutions

At Alumni FM, we take as much or as little of the podcasting process off of your hands—from pitch to production to distribution. We even help cast and train student and alumni hosts. We create inspiring stories to engage alumni audiences, and provide actionable insights.

  • Content Workshops
  • Podcast Launch Roadmap
  • Release Schedule Management
  • Learning Resources
  • Host Training
  • Equipment Training
  • Audio Mixing
  • In-Depth Story Editing
  • Music and Effects Insertion
  • Transcription & Show Notes
  • Episode-Specific Graphics
  • Distribution to All Platforms
  • Social Media Posts
  • Microsite Development & Upkeep
  • Blog Content Writing
  • KPI Data Gathering
  • Periodic Reports
  • Action Recommendations
Reach a valuable audience

For Sponsors

We're here to deliver the most value for our audience and our sponsors. We believe in this win/win strategy because the best marketing is unobtrusive, pertinent, and delightful. Our goal is to help you deliver on all three through our creative content and talent.

  • Our team provides the ideation and creative direction for your branded content. We will help you create the most impactful content.
  • Direct CPM Advertising
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Leverage Our Multi-Channel Network
  • Sponsor an episode where we can explore topics related to your business.

Sponsor a series telling stories that align with your mission and purpose.

  • Become a long-term platinum, gold, or silver sponsor for alumni podcasts

We’re building a proprietary podcasting platform and ecosystem to provide the most advanced analytics and listener attribution. This is unlike any other podcasting platform that can only tell you the number of downloads a podcast receives.


70% of alumni organizations say their top goal is to increase alumni engagement

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Opening the Door to New Connections

With the changing landscape of communications, Alumni FM offers institutions a new avenue to engage with their alumni communities. We provide high-quality alumni podcasting that supports alumni relations from content development to speaker engagement, pre-production to post-production. This allows you to focus on the fun part — the interview! 
Kenny Vaughn Alumni Podcast Host
Tenny Frost Executive Director, Development & Alumni Relations at Berkeley Haas
Bree Jenkins Alumni Podcast Host

I was in the process of transitioning from the military and my appearance on OneHaas directly led to me being selected for my current position at BreakLine Education. During my interview process, the CEO of our company listened to my OneHaas episode and later said it provided invaluable insight which ultimately led her to select me for my current role.

Our alumni podcast platform has tapped into a new dimension of the deep roots of our network and we are blossoming as a community through this amazing medium. The Alumni FM producers have an amazing talent for making the stories shine.

I've most appreciated that the podcast gives alumni the ability to speak directly to current and prospective students and faculty - giving them a voice to share their rich experiences. I have loved the two sides of this journey: hearing from my amazing classmates to learn how I can support their dreams and connecting with individuals who hear my story and want to foster a connection.

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We stay true to our mission, and are eager to help alumni communities share more stories and build more connections through podcasting.