Why Podcasting May Be a Great Tool for Businesses During a Crisis like COVID-19

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As more people become stuck indoors and face looming job layoffs or financial stresses, you might be wondering how you’ll manage to engage with your customers and draw in new ones. Although the situation is indeed grim, podcasting might be the best tool in your toolkit for maintaining – and even boosting! – your business […]

How to Start a Business in a Recession Via Podcast Episodes

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A great business idea is in your head and you’ve made the preliminary steps to get it up and running. But your eyes are glued to the news discussing an oncoming recession and you feel cheated or devastated. After all, it’s not wise to start a business during a recession… right? The truth, as with […]

Why Your Small Business Needs A Podcast

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Podcasts are a bit like modern-day radio shows; only they’re easier to make and cheaper to produce. All you need is a mike (or two), a digital recorder, and the willingness to talk and keep the whole thing interesting.  Once you’ve recorded it, you can post the episodic audio-content concerning a specific niche on platforms […]

Top 9 Podcast Trends, Future of Podcasting and Tips on Starting a Podcast

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Podcasts aren’t a new form of entertainment as they’ve been around since 2004. However, it’s only in the last couple of years that their popularity has grown. There are currently over 850,000 active podcasts, and that number will undoubtedly keep rising as time goes by. Podcasts are a popular medium because they come in a format […]

Top 10 Reasons Your Business or Organization Should Launch a Podcast

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The advancement in technology has lead to the implementation of digital tools and innovative products in the industries. As various aspects of businesses are transforming every day, these tools have proved to be necessary to stay up in such a highly competitive market. Podcasting has gathered immense popularity over the years. A podcast is a […]