Community Development and Growth

Podcast listeners are some of the most enthusiastic audiences in the media market— successful podcasts have listeners who keep returning week after week and month after month for new episodes. But what aspects of a higher education podcast draw these listeners in, and why do they willingly dedicate time to it even as they juggle […]

Podcast Growth: What Is It, and How Can You Achieve It?

When you think of the phrase podcast growth, you might think of metrics and data. This information often includes highest performing episodes, subscriptions, reviews and ratings, the number of downloads and listens per episode, times the episodes were downloaded, listening lengths, listener demographics such as location, number of shares and website traffic, to name a […]

Podcast Review

Initially, choosing a podcast topic might seem easy. Just pick a subject you want to explore and start, right? Although you might be tempted to figure out the details of your topic later on, planning those details now can ensure your podcast starts off strong.   Podcast review criteria  There are a few criteria that […]

3 Steps for Finding Your Podcast Niche

In an ideal world, the first podcast topic you choose is entirely unique. You’d be the only podcaster covering your chosen topic, so all listeners would automatically tune in to listen to your podcast. You wouldn’t have to worry about differentiating your topic from others, because there would be no competition.   But in the real […]

4 Non-academic Podcast Topics for Your Institution

Career podcasts and the student/alumni spotlights are popular podcast choices.There are a decent amount of university-based podcasts and social media channels out there with one of those topics.  While these topics certainly provide useful information to their audiences, they focus on aspects of the higher education experience that are already widely discussed. Students are used […]

Podcasts College Students Listen To

A recent study showed that younger audiences spent more than twice the time listening to podcasts compared to AM or FM radio. We’ve compiled three categories of podcasts that high school and college students listen to — shows that are (1) unscripted and funny, (2) informative, and (3) immersive. Tuning In to Funny and Unscripted […]

Podcast Content Ideas for Your University

Great content fills a need and piques your curiosity. It’s about answering your audience’s questions by having interesting and exciting conversations. This is why podcasts work so well, especially when you want to engage your audiences. It becomes a platform for your community to ask questions about your institution. People who listen to your podcasts […]

Three Reasons to Have Podcasts in Your Marketing Mix

Whether your mission is to reach more potential students or highlight your campus culture, podcasting is a great channel to show what it’s like to be part of your community. A recent study shows that podcast listeners have become more invested and engaged. In fact, an average listener consumes 8 podcasts per week, while avid […]

Get Your Alumni Community to Listen: Experts Share Tips on Podcasting

Bringing Ideation and Podcast Production Expertise to Schools and Universities For three years, internet users listening to podcasts via smartphone and mobile devices increased to 34% monthly. A study by Global Web Index shares that younger audiences, Gen Z and Millennials, spend almost an hour (58 minutes) tuning in to podcasts. To respond to this […]

All the Data and Tips You Need to Launch Your Alumni Podcast

COVID-19 forced an abrupt shift in community building. Traditionally, alumni engagement played out mainly through face-to-face events. Many universities and colleges accelerated and prioritized digital campaigns. Engaging audiences through these channels is now a top priority. But, what platform should you invest in? Taking the Road Less Traveled can be a Fruitful Journey Video conferencing […]