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We stay true to our mission, and are eager to help alumni communities share more stories and build more connections through podcasting. 
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We will help your organization create inspiring stories, engage with new and existing audiences, and use advanced tools to gauge alumni and audience engagement.

Alumni FM

Alumni FM is a storytelling company that aims to create alumni communities more full of human connection. We are founded out of our passion for connecting people through stories and podcasts.

We started out as a student-run podcast at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and have since expanded into an alumni-focused podcasting network. As an alumnus creating a platform for the alumni, we are committed to sharing meaningful stories that aim to inspire the alumni community.

Our goal is to improve alumni engagement, discovery, and giving through the podcasting platform. We provide end-to-end solutions to help you create and produce a dedicated alumni podcast. We make a difference by producing content that leverages on the latest production technologies to build an industry-leading collaborative story-editing process. Our process includes intentionally selected music and sound effects to elicit emotion and make stories memorable. We’ve created extensive streamlined processes for high-quality podcasting to create a seamless experience for guests, hosts, and even alumni gift officers. We’re building an exclusive podcasting platform to improve the overall listening experience which will focus on the discovery of stories and a more detailed categorization of episodes.

Connecting Your Business to the Alumni Community

You provide the story; we create the platform. With our combined purpose, we are the best team to help you connect with the audience that matters. Our close partnership with the alumni relations of universities can provide you with the channel to share your story, your brand, and your purpose. 

Opening the Door to New Connections

With the changing landscape of communications, Alumni FM offers universities a new avenue to engage with the alumni communities. We introduce a high quality alumni podcasting that supports alumni relations from content development, speaker engagement, production, until post production. This allows the universities to focus on the fun part — the interview!