Starting the Conversation for Our Communities

In 2018, while attending UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan, Sean Li and Robert Li launched student podcasts to capture stories from their respective community. Over time, these podcasts grew into a platform for students to connect over shared experience and tap into institutional knowledge for both professional and personal growth.

We believe every institution has meaningful stories to tell and recognize how staff bandwidth and resource constraints leave many untold. That’s why Alumni FM was founded with the mission to connect people through stories and is committed to providing the right team and experience to help institutions create and sustain their own impactful podcasts.

Why are Higher-Ed Institutions
Investing in Podcasts?

We live in a busy world where many things are vying for our attention, making it harder for institutions to communicate stories that are compelling and authentic. We believe in the power of podcast storytelling to cultivate deeper relationships within communities.

Podcasts are trust accelerants

Build brand affinity and gain a deeper understanding of your people. Leverage this intimate, voice and emotion-driven medium to tell stories authentically.

Podcasts demonstrate purpose

Shape stories that reflect your mission and values. Have real people share their real perspective to represent the dynamic spirit of your community.

Podcasts are effective in marketing funnels

Podcasts are unique in their ability to build relationships over time. Feature content that resonates at every stage from brand awareness through advocacy.

Putting Our Values to Work

As our team grows, we always circle back to our mission and core values to keep us anchored to the things that matter. These values guide everything we do, from how we approach production to working together.

Growth Mindset

We welcome experimentation and embrace failures as learning opportunities to better our craft. This comes with a commitment to lifelong learning and not settling for “this is how it’s always been done.”

Ownership Mentality

We take responsibility for outcomes and are empowered to make decisions in order to achieve desired results. Proactive thinking and risk mitigation are commonplace with every project.

Intentional Diversity

We constantly challenge ourselves to look at stories from different angles to tell them as intended. This means broadening our perspective with a diversity of people, cultures, and ideas.

Start the Conversation for Your Community

Are you thinking about podcasting but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking to take your podcast to the next level? We’re ready to help.